Creating and Maintaining a Trash-Free / Litter-Free Zone

I love litter. I don’t love what litter/trash does to our environment,  but I love that it can be a metaphor for where we’re at. I believe once the metaphor is understood and embraced, then real change can happen. I’m all about

sharing that message.  I like to work from the inside out and the ground up. I want to change the way we live on this planet — live in a neighborhood that is litter-free.

Litter can be transformed (I like to say trashformed) into useful products.

Litter can be eliminated.

Litter can be a teaching tool.

Littering is a choice.

Litter can be trashformed into artwork.

Litter can be used as an inspiration for creating meaningful dialogue.

And… the Litter List can go on and on.

Another reason I love litter is that it’s easily accessible and a free resource. As an artist, it has become my recent media of choice — making artistic statements with litter in a way that I have not been able to do otherwise. The photograph featured here is my first piece using rusted traffic-flattened metal bottle caps as leaves on a tree. The collection of the rusted bottle caps was in full swing when the challenge of creating a “social commentary” work was presented to me. This is the resultant piece,  titled “Bottlecapius Litterous”.  When litter is everywhere, like the leaves on a tree, they become so commonplace we don’t “see” it anymore.

QG-logo-EarthBlue copyI envision, through my art, my blog, my work that I can make a difference, not by myself, but by engaging others in the process of working toward that goal… a litter-free space they can be proud of. I invite you to visit my webpage to be a part of what I am calling the Quintessential Global Trashformation movement, and take the pledge, and download a free, signed image  (suitable for framing) of “Bottlecapius Litterous.” Pledge to become part of the solution.

What can you do today that will make an immediate improvement for the neighborhood landscape?

Contemplate the ground upon which you walk or ride.