Waking up to Trash at Sunrise

Initially my morning walks were to simply enjoy my bare feet in the sand.  It was more about grounding myself and de-stressing from my work at the computer. Publishing the Broward edition of Natural Awakenings continues to be a  fabulous opportunity for me to not only serve the public but to educate myself further about personal and planetary health. There was a short article on one of the issues that talked about grounding one’s energy, and that walking in nature was one way to do that. I had already begun picking up rusty bottle caps from the neighborhood, so picking trash up off the beach was not of initial interest.

It was relaxing to go to the beach in the quiet mornings, to smell the salt air, listen to the waves crashing, or gently “lapping” at the shoreline, as some days it was so calm, that it was more pool like than ocean like. My middle and high school summers were spent on the southern Jersey shores. Compared to Florida, the Jersey ocean was so much colder and energetic.

method.oceanplastic-soapI came across a product in Whole Foods Market whose container was made from ocean plastic. I bought one. I really liked the idea of supporting that particular company and its message. 

It seemed I was destined to pay more attention to plastic and started to collect a few thick plastic samples for another “collection” for my artwork. I wasn’t sure exactly how the plastic would end up on my artwork, and it was so different from the rusted metal materials of the streets. I had been working on more muted pieces and since plastic was so colorful, I knew it may be a while before I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do with it.

This was the beginning of my “wake up” to thinking more about the plastic in the oceans and what I might do about it. Each one of us finds inspiration differently.

Have you a memory of a recent “wake up” moment for yourself?

Contemplate how your journey shifted as a result.

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