Trash to Treasure

Trash to Treasure (T2T), our local creative reuse center, recently closed its doors. A loss for the community for sure. A little more than a year ago, I was asked if I would like to be involved in a public art project to highlight recycling. I had been a member of the center and promoting it in my own way for years through Natural Awakenings. Casey Eckels, the head of T2T wrote a grant for the project and she wanted me to be the lead artist. During a brainstorming conversation I suggested that we cover a large object with plastic litter from the beaches. I was thinking of a surfboard or canoe paddle that we could cover and place in the sand as an entryway sculpture to some local public beach. It would be colorful, interesting looking and remind people to be more conscious in their use of the beach… leaving only joyful memories and footprints in the sand as they leave.

I will discuss further how the Trash to Treasure’s project plays out.

pack it in; pack it out

Everyday I pick up trash and think what can I do to really make a difference in the way people treat their local landscapes and waterways. I like to believe that most people don’t litter. Those that do, may not even see what they do as being wrong. What would be on that impactful sign that could get the message through, speaking to those that litter?

turtle_nest_under_waterP.S.: hurricane Matthew is in the air. Here’s a photo taken October 6 of one of the few remaining turtle nests on the beach. As you can see, with the storm’s surge, the ocean’s water level has risen too much to maintain the integrity of this particular nest.

And, for those that still don’t see they are littering… contemplate signage.

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