The Pen

jar_in_the_cubbyAfter starting the butt container I decided to use some of the space on the label to keep track of dates and the number of butts were added to the collection. Now I had one more item I needed to remember to take with me in the morning… a pen. This became problematic, as it wasn’t part of my normal routine. I guess with any new activity, it takes time to fully integrate the habit. The day after I started this additional project I wrote on the front of the container the date, a comma and the number 25. As I had also added the second day’s tally noting the date and quantity of 11. I wondered how over time this number might change during the week, or during the season. As with my art, and life there are patterns. I love noting patterns and these new observations were no exception.

I often will take photos of individual pieces of trash or other items of interest. The promotional pen I had in the same pocket as my iPhone fell out with the pulling out of the phone. When I picked it up out of the sand I then placed it in my back pocket so it wouldn’t be pulled out again with my phone. However, when I finally went to use it to add the day’s butt information the pen would not operate properly. I ended up having to hold the top part of the pen, forcing the tip out the bottom so I could write. I entered the day’s info, a count of 21. Once back in my apartment I took the pen apart, placed the housing in the recycle bin and set aside the tipped ink cartridge, thinking that I’d just place it in the beach butt container for easy accessibility.

My dad was an industrial engineer. He loved to look at things and figure out how to make them work better or more efficiently. I guess I picked up that gene. Okay, the pen story is teeny-tiny, but the concept is there, and as I continue to write you may see more clearly how efficiency is something I hold dear to my heart. What characteristics are honestly claimed for yourself?

Contemplate your modus operandi.