A Home at Harbor’s Edge

US Citizens: M A K E _ S U R E _ Y O U _ V O T E _ T O D A Y (if you haven’t already).

••••• MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Here’s your opportunity to experience first hand the power of a Global TRASHformation project, Sat., Nov. 12, Quiet Waters Park, Deerfield Beach. Details at end of THIS blog.•••••

The “All Hands on Deck” grant project with Trash to Treasure was about a year from concept to completion. We had groups picking up plastic debris on the beaches and delivering to us for the project. We had other groups (girl scouts were a big plus) some and help with the application of the plastic to the sides of the boat.
As we finished up the project we still weren’t sure where the boat would end up. There were two groups we were in conversation with, to take delivery of the collaborative public art project. Pompano Beach was the first to respond with a bonafide proposal and that’s how it ended up where it is now located.
We think it’s a nice draw for visitors and residents in the Broward County, Florida area.
We used a product called Flex Shot to attach the plastic, then we used FlexPour to seal the entire project and protect it. The Flex Shot company provided much of the product we needed.

"All Hands on Deck" public art project signage

“All Hands on Deck” public art project signage

Several other companies gave of their time and/or equipment. We were so grateful for all the support. First of all, the boat was donated by Sal’s Towing. They were the company that originally removed the boat from the beach in Lauderdale by the Sea, which is where it “landed” state-side. Sailorman Marine Supplies donated the trailer upon which we placed the boat so we could easily work on it. Sal’s Towing chipped in again when we were ready to transport the completed work to the park.
We were very proud of the project and invite anyone to visit the Harbor Edge Park, Pompano Beach anytime the park is open to the public.
Being grateful; contemplate on that.



Saturday, November 12, 2016

Collaborative: 10:00 am to 11:30 am only (Corporate Shelter # 10)

Everyday Green Expo: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Quiet Waters Park (954.357.5113)

401 S Powerline Rd

Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Using cleaned beach litter (what else?). Look for the covered pavilion and the picnic table area.  I’ve got four canvases ready to go with the Event’s logo as the backdrop. It should be great fun for adults and children.

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Wildlife Fun Zone

Holiday Gifts

Farm to Table Creations


Pet Expo and Adoptions

Kids Corner