Global TRASHformation’s Logo Co-created with Litter and MOOP

I was honored to have the opportunity to be a part of the recent Women’s Prosperity Network’s 9th Annual UNconference, 3.5 day event in Orlando, Florida.  I spoke to an audience of about 300 on my Global TRASHformation movement (which, by the way, was birthed at the 8th annual UNconference, 2015) and offer an opportunity for all participants to contribute to the collaborative artwork using either plastic litter I had brought with me to the event or metal litter from the local streets.  The other idea I presented was that of creating a litter-free event and discussed MOOP.

In sharing what I do, a friend told me about MOOP. It’s a term that was coined at the annual Burning Man events, held in the low desert. The idea is that there is nothing on the flat desert when they set up their “city” for the week, nor should there be anything left when they leave. It’s a zero-impact event for the preservation of the desert floor, highly honoring the environmental space they use. MOOP stands for Material Out Of Place.  I love the term and have been using it ever since.

I suggested to the ladies and gents of the WPN UNconference that they too be conscious of MOOP that might be left on tables, and even went so far as to have water splashed up on the countertops around the sinks as material out of place, and thus might be wiped away before exiting that space.  I know of many women who do that after use and before they leave any public bathroom. It’s a nice touch, and in my mind, something that should be expected from all of us.  Okay, sometimes there are no towels provided… there are exceptions to every rule.

The featured image you see with this post is the collaborative product of over 100 UNconference attendees, adding one or more pieces of litter or MOOP to the work over the course of the event. Yes, there was MOOP added too, most notably feathers that made it to the floor from the boas used by some as part of the WPN Talent Show on Saturday evening.

All was great fun, great networking, and great information, helping women business owners claim their prosperity.

Imagine a world of abundance and zero waste (as it is in nature). Contemplate on that.

REMINDER: Be a part of the new public collaborative with SusieQ at Quiet Waters Park, (corporate shelter # 10) Deerfield Beach FL, 11/12/16 10am-11:30am.