SusieQ – A Global Trashformation Presentation for School Children

I’m honored to have been invited to present  “How to Make a Difference ~ Young Global Trashformers”

Wednesday evening, December 21 at 6:15pm as part of an evening with the GREEN TEAM.


Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School,
101 NE 11th Avenue,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Working with children has been one of the great pleasures of my adult life. In Virginia, I was an elementary art school teacher.  It was my mission to be sure that each student, before they finished 5th grade, had completed a series of classes teaching them realistic drawing techniques. This was based on the book by Betty Edwards “Drawing with the Right Brain.”

This coming December 21 it will be a very different presentation, one that is intended to inspire them to be leaders within their community, making a difference, and sharing their passion, whatever direction that may take.

I assume that the “Green Team” students have been studying sustainability and gotten some basic information about recycling, reducing and reusing resources. I look forward to learning more about them and what their interests are.

Global TRASHformation is an aspect of that… upcycling discarded materials. I shall also talk about MOOP.

Pictured with this blog are some members of the local A.S.C.E.N.D. group that contributed by picking up beach litter at one of the recent Beach Sweep events: Los Olas Blvd and A1A, in Fort Lauderdale. FL. Kudos to them.

What might you contribute today? Contemplate on that.