SusieQ “Talkin’ Trash” 9:30am, Saturday, on the Beach

The second Saturday of each month the Fort Lauderdale Beach Sweep group meets and requests the assistance of volunteers for a beach clean-up. They meet in the sand, at the intersection of Las Olas and A1A (aka N Ocean Drive), Fort Lauderdale. Between 75 and 125 people show up on any given month. Tomorrow will probably be no exception. This group’s been one consistent presence on the beach in Broward, that I am aware of. Since it’s not too far from where I live, I started attending the events.

Kids Ecology Corps (KEC) has been involved too and promotes attendance through their list. My involvement with KEC has been rewarding and tomorrow I’m “Talkin’ Trash” at 9:30am. [[[ NOTE: As of February 2017, the “Talkin’ Trash” talk will be at 8:00am instead of 9:30am. ]]] Since the event starts about 7am and runs through 11am, it will be a time where some are coming back in off the beach with their collection and others are heading down to the water’s edge to pick up after the talk. Even those that return to the weighing station at 10:30 or so, have buckets filled with all sorts of “goodies.”

Joan Starr of KEC will be introducing me and I’ll have a sample or two of some of my recent art pieces. I will be Talkin’ Trash and speaking out about the mission statement and vision of Global Trashformation. Anyone may come and there is no charge to participate. Please consider bringing your own drinking water container, it’s a more sustainable approach. Since we’re all about being self-responsible, it’s noticed and appreciated.