SusieQ “Talkin’ Trash” at Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School

I was asked to speak to a group of elementary school children and their parents as part of their “Green Team” celebration for completing and displaying either their group or individual science projects this past Wednesday. Many of the projects had to do with asking questions about food or the environment. My talk was focused on inspiring the young minds to ask themselves this question:  If you could work on solving any really big problem, what would it be?

I asked them who and what inspires them to follow their path of doing what they love, what they are interested in.

I shared that my really big question was centered on litter. How can we create and maintain a litter-free world, and, during my talk, I specifically focused on the nearby beaches.  The children, and their parents, were engaged, answering questions as I asked them; I was delighted to hear how knowledgeable and enthusiastic the students were about recycling. 

At the end of the presentation I asked the students if they wanted to take “the pledge” and get a sticker that said “Global TRASHformation, I took the pledge.” I was thrilled at the response and the kids read along with me (those that could read) as we spoke these words.

I pledge

• To be an active participant in finding viable solutions for keeping the areas I live, work and play in, litter-free.

• To be grateful I am able to do my part and look for ways to inspire others to participate in the movement.

In doing so, I recognize the great power within me, knowing that by improving the environment I am enriching myself.

It’s all about working from the inside out and the ground up.

There were about 30 children who “signed on”. Afterwards the audience was invited to have a close-up look at the TRASHformed artwork I brought with me to share.

What a fun event, not only for me, but for everyone in attendance.

Join the movement. Take the Pledge. Save the Planet.