Good Fences make Good Neighbors!?

“Mending Wall” by Frost got it right, fences are not the answer to getting along with better with the neighbors.

This photo of a high fence and all the trash that was “caught” by the fence was taken here in Broward County, Florida. In some cases the fence, or wall, serves a good purpose… keeping the litter from moving into the neighbor’s space, thus being partly responsible for the space that’s being taken care of… cut grass, etc. It’d be better if the trash were picked up more often, and maybe next time I visit that location, I may just say something to the folks in the office.

[[PS: The next time I did visit that location the trash had been picked up. Kudos to them.]]

Yard maintenance – one person or a team?  What is the culture within that company that tolerates accumulated litter from within— or did that trash arrive from outside the boundaries of their fence, meaning it arrived from neighbors to the other side of the fence?

Imagine the trash not being allowed to either be dropped, or picked up as soon as “seen” by anyone within the company’s employ or visitors to that space.

Contemplate that.