Piazza Farmese

I went to what I might consider a local farmer’s market today. At closing time, I saw the vendors leave behind bags, paper, plastic and wooden boxes, along with food “scraps” and other items they didn’t want anymore. As the wind kicked up much of the lightweight debris went flying toward the adjacent restaurants’ outside sitting areas. What seemed like a mass of trash somehow got cleaned up over the next several hours. Initially 2 workers sorted the large material (plastic from wood/paper). The sweeper team then came in with a machine to sweep and suck up the trash from the cobblestone area. It was something to watch.

What I considered nearly an impossible  task of cleaning up, was taken care of. Staff from the restaurants told me it happens all the time. I volunteered to sweep. The offer was respectfully declined.

Even though it was a cooperative effort, they were looking for ways to improve upon it. I would say yes to that.

Perhaps you have some thoughts you’d like to share.  Contemplate on that.