From Rome with Love

Pictured is a typical street trash receptacle. I like the idea it’s see through and not meant for heavy trash.

Yesterday afternoon I was surveying the area around a street vendor selling little souvenirs near the Vatican. One had fallen onto the street. I picked it up and placed it back on his table. I also spotted some small beads and a third small charm of Christ with his arms outstretched, the part that attached to the bracelet was broken. As I began to retrieve the “goods” for my collection I could clearly see I connected with a soft piece of gum, so fresh,  that as I pulled up, the goo stretched thin several feet. What a mess. It seemed I could not un-gum it from either my little bag nor my glove. I immediately got a download… take a break from de-littering and other business. Was it because it was my birthday? The vendor, observing my actions said, “They’re no good,” referring to the broken charms. I replied, respecting his perspective.

Rome, mid-day was hot, I decided to return to my room, cool off, check email and connect with some friends in the states. The owners of the B&B gifted me a bottle of Rose. I offered to open the bottle right then and there and share. Instead I was invited to dinner at 8 and it was suggested I take the bottle home, as they knew I was leaving the next morning.

Four of us celebrated my birthday over dinner. I was grateful for the friendship, laughs, international conversation and learned more about them and the neighborhood. The building I was staying in was built 192 years ago; electricity was added in 1964.

I’m writing this on flight back from Rome and set my computer beside the seat to use later. As I placed it on my lap, a gooey piece of gum was stuck to the side. Darn. Who was sitting in seat 16F before me?

I took note: littered gum showed up three times in the last little while.

I enjoy attaching meaning for things that seem to happen randomly. I question things; it’s like looking for the connections between the dots. During the process of writing my first book I did just that, finding pleasure in understanding the patterns that appeared, allowing me to make sense out of what might seem like a chaos of experiences within my life’s thread. The “ah-has” or moments of insight thrill me.

Discovering the pattern and understanding the story of my art was like that too… when I went from realistic work to abstract in a flash, I didn’t understand why I made the switch. I just had to trust that what I was doing would make sense to me one day. I have since figured that out, and has led me to the type of work I do today.

So, the 17th of May wasn’t a big trash day; it was more about connecting with people. It was super late when I got back to my place, and did not have the inclination to write a blog so late in the evening. I set a goal to upload the blog when I got to the States.

My trip to Rome was fabulous, I’m so glad I jumped.

Where would you like your travels to take you? Contemplate that.