Pie' di Marmo

Piè di Marmo (Marble Foot)

With hundreds of pictures taken in Rome, some beg to see the light of day. This photo of  is one of them. I could not get this image out of my mind. Maybe it was how I was ‘reintroduced’  to the ancient artifact on my recent trip to Rome.

The first morning in Rome I worked on finding my B&B near the Vatican.  I ended up on a train heading north from the Termini Station. After watching sprawling farmlands on both sides of the train go by, I felt I had traveled too far and got off at the next stop. After much discussion between me and six others at that train station it was confirmed that I should wait on track 2. Roberta, one of the women, was most helpful.  We sat together and chatted during the trip back toward Vatican City. She made sure I got off where it was closest to the B&B, and invited me, if I had time, to visit her leather shop, Federico Polidori, in Rome.

Several days later I set out to find the shop in the Campo Marzio neighborhood.  She introduced me to her husband, Federico. His fine hand-crafted leather work was evident; it was clear that this small shop was where the leather magic happened, as the tools were neatly arranged on the walls and some around a worktable with current projects in progress.

As I was leaving, Roberta wanted to make sure I saw the Piè di Marmo. We walked down the street, and just to the right, on the first side street, there it was. The fact that it was in such an out of the way place was one reason I remembered it from my college ancient history art class. While doing research for today, I found an informative overview about the foot (2011). If interested, read The History Blog.

Online I viewed many images of this corner. Beyond adding the metal “fence” around the work, not much has changed in the last 150 years, except the newer habit of placing trash bags and such at its base.  Maybe it’s an offshoot of social commentary like the Talking statues of Rome.

No, I don’t think so.

I ask, how long has the trash been placed here. Are there not enough bins nearby for pickup? These are questions I do not have answers to just yet. Maybe those in the Campo Marzio neighborhood will step up to taking more self-responsibility. And, as my friend S.S. says, “More to be revealed.”

I’ll be working on my next art piece using the litter/trash I joyfully collected in Italy.  Stay informed. Sign up for my email list, Join the Movement and be notified of collaborative public events, art shows, new Global TRASHformation products and completed art projects,

I picked up trash this morning on my beach front. What can you do today to improve your neighborhood? Contemplate that.

P.S. Photographic update of Piè di Marmo.