Natural Awakenings’ Leaf — Collaborative

Thank you to all who participated with the 2017 Natural Awakenings Collaborative. The recent Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporations’ (NAPC) biennial event was awesome, where we publishers got together from all over the states, plus Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. This year, as you may know, we met in Orlando, Florida.

Day one I was brought to the stage with an introduction by Sharon Bruckman, our esteemed founder of NAPC and publisher of the Natural Awakenings in Naples, Florida. I took that opportunity to encourage the creation and maintenance of a MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) free event. I also shared about the art project that was available to work on during breaks or at day’s end and encouraged all in attendance to participate with the mixed media collaborative. I brought items I had retrieved from the local beaches and sidewalks (cleaning hundreds of small plastic and /or metal objects that could be used for the project). We had also opened the door for anyone attending to bring with them from their hometowns select small littered objects to add to the work.

The art work reflects our mission, which is in part, healthy living; healthy planet.   I chose a leaf design we publishers had been using in our magazines, or marketing materials, in one way or another.

I really enjoyed the process and feel others did too —  choosing a single piece, or two, or three… and gluing it to the work one at a time. It’s pictured here as the featured image. Most, if not all of us in attendance, added to the collaborative art project over the three day conference. As typically signed, along with my signature,  I added a string of dots, each dot representing someone who signed in and added to the collaborative; I counted 53. Congratulations.

I’ll have available, for a limited time, prints from the original available to anyone who wants one. Celebrate the part you play in making our organization great. Several size/cost options available.

Might you suggest a cool name for it?  If so, please leave a comment.