American Mandala

It was nearly 10am, the sand was uncomfortably hot on my feet, as I went about picking up plastic and other debris from the beach at 3900 Galt . This presented a challenge in finding a shaded place to separate out the “trash” from the plastic for art projects. The bench area on the landing was entirely in shade. I emptied my two bags on to the white boards. Since I decided to arrange the pieces and document, I was especially glad to find red, white and blue items.  From the center of a defined circular space, using cigarette butts, bottlecaps and straws, I  organized the colors and shapes as exploding fireworks that would be set off at nightfall.

A neighbor commented on the “piece” as I was completing  the arrangement, he said “American Mandala”. I loved the name. After some discussion with Bo, I decided to walk away from the piece and see what would happen to it over the course of the day. Would anyone add to the work? We speculated that some would not even “see” it and kick the pieces, but not pick them up. I will at some point remove any items that did not find their way into the trash can that is a few feet away.

As we celebrate our freedom today, who would leave a wake/wave of litter?  I’ll be documenting again tomorrow, July 5,  any beachside “leftovers”.

A few months ago I posed the question, “If it’s artfully arranged, is it art or is it litter?” What are your thoughts about American Mandala?

Contemplate that.

POST SCRIPT:  When I went downstairs about noon, American Mandala was 100% removed and placed in the trashcan. Kudos to the TRASHformationist who saw it as an opportunity to make a positive difference.