Kudos to 3900 Galt Residents

Note from yesterday, July 5, 2017 ~ I thought this morning would be like so many others, picking up more trash, especially after the July 4 beach party. That was not to be the case. First thing I noticed was (pictured here) a grouping of large plastic bags of “stuff” that seemed to hug the lone stuffed trashcan. There was another large bag just to the other side of the entranceway of our landing area. What happened? It appeared that the residents and invited guests all took responsibility in cleaning up their areas as they left the beach. I was truly touched.

Two years ago the documented trash leftovers were unreal. Last year, the amount was reduced by about 60%. This year, as I walked down to the southern property line, then walked my way up to the north property line I picked up all I could find — which was no more than I’d pick up on any other day.

Yes, KUDOS to the residents for doing such an amazing job of removing the left over debris from the fireworks and picnic items they brought to the beach. I was so grateful. My heart is full of appreciation for the cleaning-up-after efforts of all that enjoyed the festivities and celebration of freedom.  Freedom to do the right thing.

What can you do? Contemplate that.