Heart of Litter

Working in the trenches, or in this case, a beautiful stretch of Fort Lauderdale beach, is sometimes necessary for my work. This past 2nd Saturday of July’s monthly Beach Sweep with some of Broward County’s finest volunteers I co-created a public collaborative art project with volunteers that had been collecting all sorts of litter left behind by visitors to the beach (and some items that washed in from the ocean).  We created a series of hearts… expressing our love and appreciation for access and use of the public beaches. #InspireSolutions today for tomorrow.

Broward County likes the beaches to look “nice”.  This is facilitated in part by a large machine that turns under the wrack (the natural seaweed and small sand critters plus whatever else has collected at the high tide mark) and smooths it out, leaving lines in the sand from the weighted vehicle.

I’d like to invite you to come to the August Beach Sweep. I’ll be available for a “Trash Talk” at 8am. The event is held on the beach by A1A and Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale. The monthly volunteer event is from 7 to 11am.  We’ll even create another opportunity to create a morning litter-collaborative art project and would appreciate your contributions.   Contemplate that.