From Rome with Love – Piè di Marmo


1) Roberta Polidori, the women who helped me get my bearings while I was recently north of Rome, shared with me her photos of the Piè di Marmo, without trash!

I blogged about this beloved monument on May 30, 2017. I love her photos – beside the foot, a chair is placed that acts like a silent sentry, reminding people to be respectful of their neighborhoods, to honor this ancient alley treasure, keeping the area litter/trash free. At least that’s how I read it.

I encourage Roberta and members of the neighborhood to send updates of the Piè di Marmo (marble foot). Thanks so much Roberta — awesome job.


2) This morning I went to work on the “All Hands on Deck” project at Harbor’s Edge Park in Pompano Beach, FL, as some of the trash had fallen off and I was asked to “refresh” the piece. I had some FlexShot and a variety of small plastic items that had been collected and cleaned from recent beach sweeps in Fort Lauderdale. I went around the hull and added caps, etc. here and there.

All Hands On Deck, Global Trashformation movement project with Trash to Treasure non-profit, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I took advantage of the fact that the netting that once covered the opening was gone and I went inside the boat to remove all the trash that had collected over the past year. Here’s a photo I took of that collection just as it was starting to rain. I quickly packed my supplies and made a dash for the car, getting totally soaked in the process. As I started up the car, I reflected on what I was able to do. Tomorrow’s another day.

What might you do today that could make a positive difference in your neighborhood?

Consider taking the Global TRASHformation pledge:

• To be an active participant in finding viable solutions for keeping the areas I live, work and play litter-free.

• To be grateful I am able to do my part and look for ways to inspire others to participate in the movement.

In doing so, I recognize the great power within me, knowing that by benefiting the environment, I am enriching myself.

It’s all about working from the inside out and the ground up!

If we don’t do something now, when? Annually we collectively dump 12.6 million tons of trash into the oceans of our world. Scientific research states that since the plastic (bags, wrappers, caps…) smells like krill, the fish, birds, turtles and whales slowly eat their way to starvation from the non-digestible plastic we’ve dumped in their homeland. This consumed plastic builds up in their stomachs. This is not a good thing. We must act now too make some changes in the way we consume and dispose of goods. 12.6 million tons makes it way into the main feeding grounds of our water-world, yearly. 

Contemplate workable, doable, sustainable actions we can take to improve that situation.