Stems of Pleasure

I was so thrilled to get this photo from New Hampshire the other day. I was up there last fall and walked the back country roads. Yes, we talked about the litter alongside the road in the gorgeous wooded countryside, complete with beavers, birds, deer and bear.

Here’s what D.F. says about her roadside handywork, using the cans she picked up from the neighboring area as the focal point in the image, “I was inspired by you when you visited and we talked about the litter issue on my road.” Thank you D.F.; I’m honored you emailed me “Stems of Pleasure.”

Do we behave differently when we believe someone is watching us, or taking note about what we’re doing? When it comes to the litterbug, I’d like to think there’s a shred of thought about whether to litter here or there. Not that one litter-place is better than the other, but it at least shows a smattering of conscious thought. Litter seems more prevalent on the turn areas getting onto the freeways than the sides of the road that follow. Could it be that the curve in the road hides the longer view, thus eliminating a car right on my tail?  Or, is it more practical, like, how fast you’re going.

As much as I want to believe that the more private roads, or less traveled roads (as in the back country) are spaces where it’s easier to throw trash out the window and not be seen, sometimes I believe that it’s not going to make any difference at all to the litterbug. Are they really that unconscious and uncaring? Did they really not get the memo?

I’ve been enjoying the work in creating programs to work with children, to engage them in activities for growing food and keeping areas litter-free.

What are the challenges in the workplace? I’d love to be in conversation about creating viable solutions in de-cluttering / de-littering thus creating a better working environment, increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Do you have a photo (or a before/after) you’d like to share with me that expands on the message of self-responsibility in creating litter-free zones, or areas you’ve helped de-litter?

Contemplate that.