Anagram for TRASH…. HARTS

In my world I celebrate April as Earth Month and set aside time to give back by speaking on topics like “Art and Transformation Toward Embracing Environmental Stewardship”. It’s the local events I want to support that in turn support the green and/or sustainable movement.  Bottom line, it’s all about loving and respecting ones’ self as part of this grand global Earth of interconnected systems, being at peace and honoring my body, feeding it in a way that also supports sustainable and loving industries that are doing their best to keep their own spaces clean, thereby keeping the outside air, water and ground clean too. This means being one with the natural system, as all of the other living things.  We still have so many lessons to learn from our natural habitats.

“Toothbrush Flashmob” was sold this week to a local resident. The piece was on display at Frame ‘n Art, 229A Commercial Blvd, Lauderdale by the Sea, FL 33308. Please feel free to stop by their shop for available selections of my artwork.

I am so honored.

“HARTS of TRASH” as the featured image comes through creating an anagram from “trash”. I thought I’d focus on heart-felt images and what better symbol than the heart.  I will be working on a series of “HARTS of TRASH” during the first two Earth Month events I’ll be at. Click on these links for more information: Free the Seas April 21 event and Heal the Planet event on April 22.