Art — Business Cards

Business cards are really important, for a moment anyway. As a long time business person, I’ve had many cards made up with my name and contact information to represent who I was at the time, sharing with others as it seemed appropriate. Each unique, telling a snapshot chapter of my life, they number in the dozens. When I moved to Florida, the business associates and friends’ cards I brought with me were little treasures. My own business cards became instantly obsolete.

With the development of the personal computer age and the associated task of transferring business card info into a searchable, computer database lead to the obsolescence of my desktop Rolodex.

In Keeping with My Core Values

In my business I’m meet many people and, if the situation warrants, I’ll ask for a card. Now, what to do with the business cards? As an artist whose focus is on the environment and our part, the idea of throwing them out didn’t make sense. I stashed them in an easily accessible box just for cards near my desk, and out of sight. As the box overflowed I grew the space allotted for the cards.

I challenged myself to come up with an idea for a piece using the cards and have some friends collecting cards for me too. Initially I thought of creating a sculpture. I have yet to develop the piece, I’m still working on the idea structure and execution.

“Give Me Your Card”

I’m a member of the Broward Art Guild; they put out a call for “Works on Paper”. It occurred to me that it was now the time to tackle the job of coming up with something using those collected cards.

I cared about using them in a way that would share a message of how important these relationships are, and how I value them. I started to neatly organize them by color and found a shadow type box that perfectly fit two stacks of cards. Several times during the making of the piece I’d hold the piece up to help me imagine what it might look like on a wall. Twice they fell out and had to be “restuffed”. Wanting to be able to reuse the cards for another project, I needed a way to keep them in there without using glue or placing them all under glass. One thing I did was to angle the backing.

Another collected item — string. Cotton string was used, until recently, to bundle the Natural Awakenings magazines into piles of 50. Before I took “Card” to the gallery for exhibit I wrapped the bundling string several times around the piece to keep the cards in place and finished off with a simple bow knot. If you get to the show or opening, please look for the piece; I trust you’ll enjoy it. Here are the particulars:

Broward Art Guild, 3280 NE 32nd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
Opening night: Saturday, May 12, 2018, 6:30-9pm.
Exhibit runs: May 9 through May 25.