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Break it on down – litter that is.

I live on the 14th floor of an oceanfront condo and typically face the window and see the beach and water’s edge beyond and below. It’s a beautiful, ever changing site. I’m fascinated by the weather as seen out toward the horizon line, and up-close watching the palm tree fronds blow in the breeze, people…

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3 Steps to Creating a Litter-Free Space

STEP ONE: First one must identify the space they want litter-free. Then, it’s a matter of going to work. You could document the “before” by taking either a video or a few camera shots of the space you’re going to trashform. Then you’ll have that baseline, something you can go back to and say, “Hey, this…

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beautiful Japanese tree

Where in the World is it Litter-Free?

It was while riding my bike and really taking note of what was in the streets, that I got back into picking up trash. What I do is something I feel compelled to do. My vision is to create a global movement of dedicated citizens who will work toward a litter free world.

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Creating and Maintaining a Trash-Free / Litter-Free Zone

I love litter. I don’t love what litter/trash does to our environment,  but I love that it can be a metaphor for where we’re at. I believe once the metaphor is understood and embraced, then real change can happen. I’m all about

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SusieQ’s Blog… a beginning ~ Fri., Sept. 2, 2016, 7am

  I SusieQ, am excited to announce that I’m finally taking the plunge to create and maintain a blog. Topic of conversation: Talk trash; litter less. What is happening in the world of litter, locally and globally. The blog will get you thinking about trash in a whole different way. Initially, I’m planning to publish the blogs Tuesday evening and…

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