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Effective, Repetitive, Goal-Directed Activity

The phrase “effective, repetitive, goal-directed activity” was one I recall hearing in Atlanta, Georgia, the summer of 1968. That summer marked me going after and getting a job in the commercial art industry. I recall the search through the Yellow Pages for companies that might hire a college art student for the summer. Undaunted by many, many NOs over…

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Global TRASHformation at RedEye: Beyond

I finally got around to begin putting my portfolio back online since the demise of my long time website. That website (purchased in the 1990s) was hacked to pieces and links created were going places I wouldn’t send to anyone I knew. At some point I’ll wipe it clean and revive that site, but in…

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Anagram for TRASH…. HARTS

In my world I celebrate April as Earth Month and set aside time to give back by speaking on topics like “Art and Transformation Toward Embracing Environmental Stewardship”. It’s the local events I want to support that in turn support the green and/or sustainable movement.  Bottom line, it’s all about loving and respecting ones’ self…

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