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Alphabet Stoop

I was asked recently to share my work and “teach” a couple of classes to the youngsters at the Young At Art Museum in Broward County. I chose to orchestrate the creation of a collaborative artwork on canvas, using the trash I had cleaned up from the beach,  Each group of young students were to collaborate on the same project.…

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Once Litter-Free, Always Litter-Free

When I first picking up trash oceanside of the condo, I thought I’d be done soon, thinking that the litter came from “elsewhere” not my fellow residents. I thought that if I’d pick up all the trash in an area that the next morning that the area would still be clean. Honestly, that was my…

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Litter ’round the Campground

My dad was the type of guy that I would say was environmentally conscious. During the summer, when our family went camping, my siblings and I would be charged with picking up and properly disposing of all the litter in our campground area before we left. This was the late 50s early 60s. I don’t…

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Detail of "Day at the Beach" a SusieQ collaborative mixed media.

An Inconvenient Fact: Litter is Everywhere

Litter: Some floats and some sinks. Overall Health: That means planetary health. Yes, we can break it down into categories like human health, or pollution of streams and waterways, or unsightly by-ways, or potentially hazardous… no matter how you look at it, since it’s all part of the big picture, at some point the litter…

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Waking up to Trash at Sunrise

Initially my morning walks were to simply enjoy my bare feet in the sand.  It was more about grounding myself and de-stressing from my work at the computer. Publishing the Broward edition of Natural Awakenings continues to be a  fabulous opportunity for me to not only serve the public but to educate myself further about…

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Littering is Illegal… really?

For a July, 2016 art exhibit, I created red, white and blue mixed media piece using trash that had been picked up either by me, or some of the monthly Beach Sweep volunteers at Las Olas and A1A, Fort Lauderdale, FL. The piece was for an exhibition at the Broward County’s  downtown main Library’s 6th Floor Gallery. Title: Made…

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Break it on down – litter that is.

I live on the 14th floor of an oceanfront condo and typically face the window and see the beach and water’s edge beyond and below. It’s a beautiful, ever changing site. I’m fascinated by the weather as seen out toward the horizon line, and up-close watching the palm tree fronds blow in the breeze, people…

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3 Steps to Creating a Litter-Free Space

STEP ONE: First one must identify the space they want litter-free. Then, it’s a matter of going to work. You could document the “before” by taking either a video or a few camera shots of the space you’re going to trashform. Then you’ll have that baseline, something you can go back to and say, “Hey, this…

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beautiful Japanese tree

Where in the World is it Litter-Free?

It was while riding my bike and really taking note of what was in the streets, that I got back into picking up trash. What I do is something I feel compelled to do. My vision is to create a global movement of dedicated citizens who will work toward a litter free world.

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Creating and Maintaining a Trash-Free / Litter-Free Zone

I love litter. I don’t love what litter/trash does to our environment,  but I love that it can be a metaphor for where we’re at. I believe once the metaphor is understood and embraced, then real change can happen. I’m all about

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