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What Others Say:

Ken Fisher

"We've had the pleasure of partnering with Susie Q for the last 3 years at our annual Heal The Planet Day celebration. These community art projects lead by Susie are fun, interactive, educational and solution based. Utilizing littered items from the beach these collaborative and experiential art projects inspire creativity in our children while teaching them about the sustainability of our beautiful planet. We look forward to working with Susie Q for many years to come."

Ken Fisher, Heal the Planet
Julia Grafton

"I was looking for a unique experience that would bring all our guests together for our year end celebration which was held at the Museum of Fine Arts.  I am so grateful to have found SusieQ and bring her to the event for the creation of a collaborate piece of art.  It was one of the most incredible experiences for everyone involved and now we have this beautiful piece of artwork hanging in our office that reminds us of this wonderful celebration and how everyone contributed to its creation.  We would love to have her back again!  Thank you SusieQ."

Julia Grafton, Shepley Bullfinch (Boston Architectural Firm)


Collaborate with the entire wedding party and guests to create a memorable piece to take home and cherish forever

The bride and groom add the first strokes, then all the guests (young and old) are invited to add their abstract expression of love for the couple.

All guests are requested to participate.  The adding of a dot or stroke of color is non-judgmental and no one can make a mistake or “mess up” the painting.  As a matter of fact, the more people that add to the piece, the more interesting it becomes, and highly treasured by the hosts.

Partial Client List:

warner  mods  lovewell  kids ecology corp citrix

Corporate Events, Conferences & Team Building Activities

Enhance your event with this unique and memorable experience.

Team members and event attendees are more engaged and interactive when they get to take part in the process.

Create a magnificent piece of art that keeps the memory of the event and the collaboration experience alive!

How It Works:

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Options, prices, etc. 
(Note:  All packages can be customized to best serve your needs.)

We offer a variety of options to support a most memorable experience and to work within your budget.

All projects include necessary materials to create collaborative artwork, such as paint, brushes, markers and canvas.  For projects involving TRASHformation, additional supplies will be furnished. There is also an option to have attendees gather specified materials to bring to the event. These are details easily worked out with the event coordinator; we are here to serve.

Theme and purpose of the event will be incorporated into the foundational background for the artwork.

Customized quotes upon request.

We are here to serve and to create a memorable event with an amazing collaborative art project for you and your guests to remember for years to come.

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