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Social Commentary -- Conversational Jewelry
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Our Mission:
Through a collaborative process, we create a global movement in the transformation of littered trash into beautiful art projects or products, boosting public awareness of achievable goals in eliminating littered landscapes and improving our quality of life and the health of our waterways and oceans.
Through our successes, we inspire actions for good stewardship and social change to happen from within and from the ground up.

Earrings # 1705 Global TRASHformation
Bluish tint, Bud Light
Metal Bottlecap Earring Set # 1705, 14K gold-filled wire

Earrings # 1706 Global TRASHformation
-- SOLD --
You may request a similar set.
Redish color, Budweiser
Metal Bottlecap Earring Set # 1706, 14K gold-filled wire

Earrings # 1708 Global TRASHformation
Metal Bottlecap Earring Set # 1708, 14K gold-filled wire

Earrings # 1709 Global TRASHformation
-- SOLD --
You may request a similar set.
Metal Bottlecap Earring Set # 1709, 14K gold-filled wire

Earrings # 1710 Global TRASHformation
Metal Bottlecap Earring Set # 1710, 14K gold-filled wire

Order today, $50/set: email SusieQ mention earring set number. If the set is no longer available, we will do our best to send another pair that is very similar in style and/or color.

We appreciate your support of our educational stewardship programs through the creation of litter-free areas.
Life and business is better when we can work together. A loving, collaborative product by DFine Designs and SusieQ.

Global TRASHformation
For more information on the movement, visit Global TRASHformation's website