Global TRASHformation

A Movement to Clean the Earth and Transform Trash Into Treasure!


Have you ever visited a beautiful space only to find trash littered on the ground?  Imagine a world where this litter is a thing of the past.  Join our movement, express your ideas for creating and maintaining a litter-free planet.  Respect the sacred ground upon which we walk and the seas within which such diversity of life exists.  Learn and share how you can be a more active participant in this movement.  Sign up today and be part of the solution.

The Global TRASHformation Movement

Creating Awareness & Inspiring Self-Responsibility for Litter

Turning Waste Into Wonderful Art Pieces

Our Mission:  Through a collaborative process, we create a global movement in the transformation of littered trash into beautiful art projects or products, boosting public awareness of achievable goals in eliminating littered landscapes and improving our quality of life and the health of our waterways and oceans.

Through our successes, we inspire other communities to be the voice for good stewardship and social change to happen from within and from the ground up.


Current Project:

March 2016 through May 14, 2016

"All Hands on Deck"
Art for the People by the People!
Public Participation Art Experience

Location:  Arts Bunker, 2034 E Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors, FL - behind the Pride Center)

Join as we mosaic our historic Cuban refugee boat with litter collected from the beach (and washed) to create a powerful educational and artistic tool for raising awareness about protecting our waters and our planet.

SusieQ - Artist, Activist, Entrepreneur

About Susie

SusieQ is an accomplished, award winning artist and the publisher of Natural Awakenings magazine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Broward County). This magazine supports the health and wellness industry. She knew her art was on the right path when she started hearing how it made viewers feel. Once she heard them say that the artwork had become an important part of their environment, that it “spoke” to them in a loving way that fostered a positive attitude, she knew her creations were fulfilling their mission. By offering images in many different ways and formats, SusieQ intends to see her art fulfill its mission not only for individuals, groups and communities, but by contributing to the broader consciousness across the globe.

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Cynthia Greenawalt

“SusieQ: I LOVED being able to add a dab to that beautiful painting on Saturday at the Anne Kolb Center! Wow. Was very surprised by how profoundly connected I felt to something bigger than myself through the simple ritual of picking up a paint brush and creating my little swirl mark (using 3 different colors of course!) amidst the other swirls and dots and brush strokes contributed by everyone else that day. Thank you so much for what you do!!! My appreciation for your work has gone to a new level by being part of one of your co-created paintings.”

Cynthia Greenawalt, VisionSource Consulting, Inc

I helped in a collaborative art project at the Guerrilla Marketing Summit with Susie Q. It was amazing and fun. I love how everyone comes together to make one creation. What a clever fun idea to clean up the environment and bring people together! Thank you Susie, you are really making a difference for us all.

Allison Ronis, Ft. Lauderdale, FL